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New Song by Fueled by Pornography! - Flic My Bic Bitch

Stay tuned for more songs from Gloryhole Gape!

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Fueled by Pornography

Fueled by Pornography is the birthchild of partners Jameson Domeneguez and Julien Grisby, together they produce music. They have been playing with each other off and on for the past decade, and now for the first time the record button is being pressed and the sound of the band is plain stupifying.

They got a few songs out right now so look out for their upcoming album Gloryhole Gape.

Take a listen if you dare to some pre releases for Fueled by Pornography.

Friends of Nothing

Friends of Nothing featuring Edwin Borsheim and Ned Nothing!

Check out their first smash hit Donuts!

Rick K & The All Nighters

Rick K and the All Nighters is a brand new band on the scene. They focus on fast music, something to get you amped up and start fights over.