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Toy Riot

by BASS Fish

This is our new album TOY RIOT. Its short and sweet.

See our band page at BASS Fish!

Holocaust Train

by Amber Eye & the Weirdos

Check out our new single, Holocaust Train!

Holocaust Train Cover UNCENSORED

The above album cover is the UNCENSORED cover. We wern’t allowed to use it without modification on streaming services. (More industry fat cat hat8rz)

See our band page at Amber Eye & the Weirdos!

Gloryhole Gape

by Fueled by Pornography

Gloryhole Gape is Fueled By Pornography’s 5th album and their first album with Poor Choice Records. They’ve been around forever in the underground now its time for the public to listen. Check out these awesome sample songs to hold you over till the album hits the digital shelfz.