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Holocaust Train

Check out our new single, Holocaust Train!

Holocaust Train Cover UNCENSORED

The above album cover is the UNCENSORED cover. We wern’t allowed to use it without modification on streaming services. (More industry fat cat hat8rz)

See our band page at Amber Eye & the Weirdos!

New Band: Amber Eye & the Weirdos

Check out the band page for Amber Eye & the Weirdos!

They have been playing shows for a while now and we decided to snatch them up and promote their content. You can check them out on your favorite streaming service or music shops such as iTunes.

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Amber Eye & the Weirdos

From the desert, from the sea. From the places that should not be. An eclectic and raw mix of grunge, new wave, indie leanings, pop punk…and more. Amber Eye & the Weirdos playin live Amber Eye & the Weirdos playin live

  • Amber Eye: rhythm guitar backing vocals
  • Kate Godfrey: keyboards, backing vocals, lead guitar
  • David Durrant: drums and engineering
  • Christopher Loveless: bass

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