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New Band: Amber Eye & the Weirdos


Check out the band page for Amber Eye & the Weirdos!

They have been playing shows for a while now and we decided to snatch them up and promote their content. You can check them out on your favorite streaming service or music shops such as iTunes.

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Goin off shore


We were getting some flac on our ability to produce such low quality music for low quality prices. We were unable to continue to operate in America due to some pressure from particular ~industry~ fat cats with fancy names. So we moved our audio storage out of the country.

We now have two hit songs you can stream on Spotify and are available for sale on iTunes! So check it out!

New Song by Fueled by Pornography! - Flic My Bic Bitch


Stay tuned for more songs from Gloryhole Gape!

Free Music Downloads Mp3s and FLAC and raw WAV


Check out the free music at musics by clicking the toolbar up top ↖ or clicking → here for free musics. 👍 Some of the songs you can download, others you can view youtube. Be sure to share, sharing is caring. Share with your friends or your enemies we work both ways at poor choice.

Submit Your Music / Content / Art


Here at Poor Choice Records we are always looking for poor talent.

First off if you think you are poor enough to release with us and dont need further convincing click the email link at the bottom of the post.

Please don’t apply if you have money or talent you’ll just be wasting your time. But if the allure of knowing industry famous people excites you then we aren’t for you.

If you don’t give a fuck and play music without knowing how to use your instrument, send us a demo to

Donuts Number One Hit Song


Check out our brand new band Friends of Nothing’s new song Donuts! They’re new to the Poor Choice label so give them a try! They’ve been at the top of our ratings list for the last two weeks which is the first that such a thing has been done.

If you loved that video stay tuned for more hits!

New Website First Post


Poor Choice Records is a label for the real down to earth musician. Do you got a song in your soul and need to get it out and its so strange that no one in their right mind would understand? We understand. Our Listeners understand. (Or they think they do, but I wonder?)

The new site is slowly getting put together. Until then I will just post about all the cool equipment we dont have and upcoming material teasers.