Our History

Poor Choice Records was founded years ago with the goal of producing music for the non musician playable on any speakerphone.

Our Mission Statement

To get mad bitches and mad hoes, stack paper, play with firearms and make noise.


We specialize in music to do the following.

  • Stop Parties.
  • Piss off your parents.
  • Annoy your neighbors.
  • Get you 5150’d.
  • To do hard drugs to.
  • To play in haunted houses.
  • Incur the wrath of your local church.
  • Just be all around awesome.
  • Make babies cry, and hopefully adults too.
  • To relapse to
  • Scream to.

The list goes on but really all you need to remember is…

For Artists

We’re your friends in low places.

If you’re an artist and no one in their right mind will publish you… give us a shot. Your best case scenario is it gets put on usenet and goes viral and everyone listens to your song.

We dont let pirating stop you from being famous.

If you still are interested, click here.